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With a single tap.

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Built for Canadian realtors.

Gain a competitive edge over your peers with the most innovative yet essential marketing tool in 2021.

From a cold lead to a warm client - it all starts with a simple tap

If you are a realtor, you know how awkward and difficult it is to ask a cold lead for their contact information. If you do get the contact, most of the time, the lead simply won’t respond.

How it works

Turn leads into clients with Leagent Card

Wow your leads by tapping your Leagent card with any iPhone or Android phone. Clients can instantly view and add your contact information through Leagent technology.

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Sell more homes, faster with Smart IDX

Let them find their dream home with Leagent IDX. Automatically.

  • Send automatic emails to your clients when new homes become available.
  • Research homes through your branded engine.
  • Fastest search engine on the market.*
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Look sharp and prepared with Smart Brochure

Leagent Brochure helps sellers to sell their homes faster and buyers to find their dream homes quicker.

  • 1-Click Brochure
  • Compare homes side-by-side
  • Automatic marketing assets
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