Compare Listings - Tutorial

February 5, 2023

Leagent’s Compare Listings feature has made comparing homes super easy. The user can select unlimited amount of homes and set them up side by side, in order to have an overview of all the features and information.

The Compare Listings feature also allows the user to select specific filters and share the links of the findings

Compare Listings - Screen Shot .png

The Compare Listings feature was specially designed to make the decision making process less difficult and get a client to find a home faster.

Not only is this tool great for finding a new home, but it also helps decide future investment opportunities.

Compare Listings -2 Screen Shot.png

It works by clicking on Compare, search for properties and selecting several properties. Once that is done, you click on Add Properties and have the selected properties displayed side by side.

The filters can then also be adjusted and set to the desired results.

Benefits of Compare Listings

  • Able to compare multiple properties, side by side
  • Adjust filters to the desired criteria
  • Mortgage calculator included (find out what the monthly expenses are)
  • Investment calculator included (in case of investment purchases)