Leagent Brochure - Tutorial

February 5, 2023

Another great feature Leagent offers is the Leagent Brochure. With Leagent Brochure you will get amazingly designed listing brochures, available with every MLS® listing.

Simply select a property using the Leagent IDX and you’ll get directed to the listing page. There, you will find the PDF icon as shown below.

Leagent Brochure Screen Shot.png

With 1 click on the PDF icon, it will generate the brochure. Leagent Brochure doesn’t just look great or is easily generated, but shows the most useful of information as well. A summary of the property, local map and images are all visible.

Leagent Brochure 2 Screen shot.png

The brochure also emphasizes on the REALTOR® and credits the listing agent.

Leagent Brochure 2.jpg

Benefits of Leagent Brochure

  • Save costs designing your own listing brochures
  • Great design created by Leagent
  • Summary of Information and images
  • Easily generated, using just 1 click!
  • Available for every MLS® listing
  • QR code that shows listing on every smart device