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Tools to Make You Look Pro in
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Come prepared to every client meeting

Let Leagent help you look professional. When you meet someone, when you communicate, when someone searches for you online - consistently show up looking your best and trustworthy.

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1-Click PDF Feature Sheets


Save time and generate a beautiful CREA compliant brochure for your or any MLS listing, in one click. Stop confusing people with the outdated MLS Feature Sheets.

Smart Leagent Card


Leave a lasting impression when meeting leads by using a sleek Leagent Card. Tap it with any phone and it’ll automatically open your contact and website.

1-Click Brand Assets


With Leagent, you feel proud of your brand. Look professional everytime your client interacts with you online.

Dedicated Client Profile


Easily create accounts for your clients on your website. This gives them access to all the Smart IDX tools your site has to offer.

Calendar Booking


Make it easy to book Open House appointments or Consultations with you. Send automatic reminders. Integrated with Calendly.

Private Listings


You can now create listing pages outside of MLS! Simply fill out the form and Leagent creates a listing page and PDF brochure automatically.

An all-in-one system, your wingman at every client interaction

Create your branding assets in 1 click from your dashboard. Prepare for an open house with automatic PDF brochure. Greet your prospects with a smart business card + start the exchange with a quick text message. Setup a profile for your client to build your relationship.

The biggest innovation for Real Estate in years.

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