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Leagent Launch Package. For Canadian Realtors.

What’s included

A Physical Leagent Card
Leagent IDX & Brochure
Account Manager
Free Strategy Meeting
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First month is only $1.
Billed after 30 days ().
Get a FREE Leagent card. $79 in value.
Valid only during the launch period.

Turn leads into clients with Leagent Card

Wow your leads by tapping your Leagent card with any iPhone or Android phone. Clients can instantly view and add your contact information through Leagent technology.

Sell more homes, faster with Smart IDX

Let them find their dream home with Leagent IDX. Automatically.

  • Send automatic emails to your clients when new homes become available.
  • Research homes through your branded engine.
  • Fastest search engine on the market.

Look sharp and prepared with Smart Brochures.

Leagent Brochure helps sellers to sell their homes faster and buyers to find their dream homes quicker.

  • 1-Click Brochure
  • Compare homes side-by-side
  • Automatic marketing assets

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to setup my Leagent Profile?

After you sign up, you get access to your dashboard and the profile. Your card will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days. You can connect your domain through the dashboard or get help from our support team.